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Part Two - Madrid Ocotber 2010

  • MAD/2/10/C19 Ahmed Darwish {Best Candidate Award}
    • MAD/2/10/C01 Jose Luis Encinas
    • MAD/2/10/C03 Ramy Waly
    • MAD/2/10/C04 Xenofon Roussis
    • MAD/2/10/C05 Alok Godse
    • MAD/2/10/C06 Ozlem Boybeyi
    • MAD/2/10/C07 Hamid Koura
    • MAD/2/10/C08 Walid Treef
    • MAD/2/10/C09 Akhtar Nawaz Khan
    • MAD/2/10/C10 Ana Lourdes Luis Huertas
    • MAD/2/10/C11 Muhammad Javaid Sadiq
    • MAD/2/10/C14 Nouri Ourfali
    • MAD/2/10/C15 Leopoldo Malvezzi
    • MAD/2/10/C16 Massimo Garriboli
    • MAD/2/10/C17 Mohamed Fayez Salem
    • MAD/2/10/C18 Mohammed Al Maghnam
    • MAD/2/10/C21 Safi Nassan Alhaj Ali
    • MAD/2/10/C22 Cornelius E J Sloots
    • MAD/2/10/C23 Mohamed Alagtal
    • MAD/2/10/C24 Salahuddin Syed       

    Part Two - Dubai May 2010

      • Mathievathaniy Muthucumaru {Best Candidate Award}
    • Mohamed Marjan Osama Khalifa
    • Zahid Latif Saqi Adnan Swid
    • Sinan n Lotfi al-jarrah
    • Mokhtar M A Hassan Prakash Lal Mandhan
    • Nadeem Haider Laith Dawood Salman Alani

    Part Two - Amsterdam October 2009

    • Alan Mortell {Best Candidate Award}
    • Lideke AFW Van der Steeg Tutku Soyer
    • John Vlot Christos Plataras
    • Udo Rolle
    • Lucas Krauel
    • Khaled Mohamed Desouki
    • Farhan Tareen
    • Mohammad Ilyas Bader
    • Ali Zein el Abedeen Abdel Mageed El Sayed Hamid Al Khaled
    • Mohammed Nour Eddine Bouhadiba Ane Miren
    • Mohamad Morgan
    • Lucas Matthyssens
    • Naji Hussein

    Why sit the exam?

    Comments from people who have sat the exams.

    • I am a paediatric surgeon with an international mindset and wish to work in other countries at some point, and with this certificate I hope to give credit to my international mindset

      Part One // Participant

    • Why do you wish to sit the EBPS Examination banner: "Updating knowledge, CME and professional upgrading"

      Part One // Participant

    • It is a standardised, well conducted examination for paediatric surgery and I hope in future it will be accepted all around"

      Part One // Participant