Examination Section / / European Board of Paediatric Surgery.

Part One Candidates 2017 – Glasgow

  • EBPS/2017/1/C01 Piotr Hajduk
  • EEBPS/2017/1/C03 Ahmad Al Eliwi

Part One Candidates 2016 – Kuala Lumpur

  • Kuala LumpurEBPS/2016/KL/1/C33 Hazem Elfar
  • Kuala LumpurEBPS/2016/KL/1/C36 Kelly Hoffman
  • Kuala LumpurEBPS/2016/KL/1/C37 Anas Shikha
  • Kuala LumpurEBPS/2016/KL/1/C22 Zaheer Uddin
  • Kuala LumpurEBPS/2016/KL/1/C39 Abdulaah Badughaish
  • Kuala LumpurEBPS/2016/KL/1/C42 Hui Shan Cheah
  • Kuala Lumpur EBPS/2016/KL/1/C44 Azrina Syarizad Binti Kuthubil Zaman

Part One Candidates 2016 – Rotterdam

  • EBPS/2016/Rotterdem/1/C29 Mostafa Osman
  • EBPS/2016/Rotterdam/1/C18 Gergana Racheva
  • EBPS/2016/Rotterdam/1/C31 Marco Schnater

Part One Exam – Milan June 2016

  • EBPS/2016/Milan/1/C15 Milan Botden Sanne Botden
  • EBPS/2016/Milan/1/C16 Milan Faruque Ahmad Vaqas Faruque
  • EBPS/2016/Milan/1/C19 Milan Bruggink Janneke Bruggink
  • EBPS/2016/Milan/1/C20 Milan Elayyouti Moustafa Elayyouti
  • EBPS/2016/Milan/1/C23 Milan Farrukh Amra Farrukh
  • EBPS/2016/Milan/1/C24 Milan Witvliet Marieke Witvliet

Part One – Glasgow March 2016

  • EBPS/2016/Glasgow/C09/Jan Godeke
  • EBPS/2016/Glasgow/1/C11/Nathalie Kremer
  • EBPS/2016/Glasgow/1/C04/Ulises Garza Serna

Part One– New Delhi February 2016

  • EBPS/2016/India/1/C13 Alisha Gupta
  • EBPS/2016/India/1/C12 Kashish Kumar
  • EBPS/2016/India/1/C10 Kailas P Bhandarkar
  • EBPS/2016/India/1/C08 Deepak Kishore Kaltari
  • EBPS/2016/India/1/C07 Tanveer Akhtar
  • EBPS/2016/India/1/C01 Mamatha Basavaraju

Why sit the exam?

Comments from people who have sat the exams.

  • Why do you wish to sit the EBPS Examination banner: "Updating knowledge, CME and professional upgrading"

    Part One // Participant

  • It is a standardised, well conducted examination for paediatric surgery and I hope in future it will be accepted all around"

    Part One // Participant

  • I am a paediatric surgeon with an international mindset and wish to work in other countries at some point, and with this certificate I hope to give credit to my international mindset

    Part One // Participant