Examination Section / / European Board of Paediatric Surgery.

Part One - Dubai May 2010

  • DUB/1/10/C12 Shahid Rashid
  • DUB/1/10/C13 Hassan Sahtout
  • DUB/1/10/C15 Nouri Ourfari
  • DUB/1/10/C23 Seif eleslam Abdelsalam                

Part One - Glasgow March 2011

  • GLA/1/11/C07 Ravindar Anbarasan
  • GLA/1/11/C10 Rakesh Kumar Thakur
  • GLA/1/11/C11 Samir Sibai 

Part One - Cairo September 2010

  • CAIRO/1/10/C10 Mohammad Mohammad Alnoaiji
  • CAIRO/1/10/C49 Ali Moustafa Ali Ahmed
  • CAIRO/1/10/C52 Hesham Mahmoud Moghazy Sheir
  • CAIRO/1/10/C54 Ahmad Saber Mohamad Mahmoud Rezk

Part One - Dar es Salaam July 2010

  • DAR/1/10/35 Marion Arnold
  • DAR/1/10/39 Lofty-John Anyanwu
  • DAR/1/10/40 Jean Heuric Rakotomalala
  • DAR/1/10/44 Charles Terna Soo

Part One - Bern June 2010

  • BERN/1/10/C16 BERN Ghassan Yahia
  • BERN/1/10/C18 BERN Ozlem Boybeyi
  • BERN/1/10/C21 BERN Leopoldo Malvessi
  • BERN/1/10/C25 BERN Khalid Moosa
  • BERN/1/10/C28 BERN Cornelius E J SlootS
  • BERN/1/10/C30 BERN Amer Jamous
  • BERN/1/10/C33 BERN Enaam Raboe
  • BERN/1/10/C34 BERN Amit Raut
  • BERN/1/10/C47 BERN Miriam Miguel

Part One - Glasgow March 2010

  • GLA/1/10/C02 Tiago Henriques-Coelho
  • GLA/1/10/C04 Alok Godse
  • GLA/1/10/C05 Mohamed Shoukry
  • GLA/1/10/C06 Abdelhafeez Abdelhafeez
  • GLA/1/10/C08 Shalini Singh 

Why sit the exam?

Comments from people who have sat the exams.

  • I am a paediatric surgeon with an international mindset and wish to work in other countries at some point, and with this certificate I hope to give credit to my international mindset

    Part One // Participant

  • Why do you wish to sit the EBPS Examination banner: "Updating knowledge, CME and professional upgrading"

    Part One // Participant

  • It is a standardised, well conducted examination for paediatric surgery and I hope in future it will be accepted all around"

    Part One // Participant