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Part One Candidates 2017 – Bahrain

  • EBPS/2017/1/C32 Bahrain Mohamed Abokandil
  • EBPS/2017/1/C33 Bahrain Hind Zaidan
  • EBPS/2017/1/C35 Bahrain Prince Raj
  • EBPS/2017/1/C36 Bahrain Alshaima Alghamdi
  • EBPS/2017/1/C39 Bahrain Ezat Bakhsh

Why sit the exam?

Comments from people who have sat the exams.

  • It is a standardised, well conducted examination for paediatric surgery and I hope in future it will be accepted all around"

    Part One // Participant

  • I am a paediatric surgeon with an international mindset and wish to work in other countries at some point, and with this certificate I hope to give credit to my international mindset

    Part One // Participant

  • Why do you wish to sit the EBPS Examination banner: "Updating knowledge, CME and professional upgrading"

    Part One // Participant